Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sample Project: A Customized Face for a Tall Case Clock

Lesley describes this project: "This is an original painting I've done on an antique glass face that will go below the actual clock face on what's called a "tall case clock" (the size of a grandfather clock). The oval shape is there deliberately to expose the visual of the pendulum movement from behind....."

..The client wanted a barnraising scene..."

.."The scale and detail of the planks & people raising the barn works well even though the scene as a whole is fairly simplistic."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clock Dial Restoration: A Fine Craft

"Before" Wooden Tall Case Dial (in bad shape)

"After" Wooden Tall Case clock Dial

Lesley Neff has been perfecting the art of restoring the faces of clocks for over twenty years.

She specializes in antique clock dials such as: tall case, moon dials, calendar dials and ogees.

The Process....

A 'Blank Dial Pan'. Lesley's sprayed a background finish on the metal & then measured for the circles where the pencil markings will go for the hour and minute hands....

...drawing out the circles w/ a mechanical pencil....

This is a photocopy of one of the images she's got to replicate for the portion called the "moon face" that moves behind the dial pan.

This is another face someone sent her that has elements that are similar to what she's got to replicate on the above (other) project.

Lesley does restoration - patching and repainting -whenever possible, to keep the value of antique clocks at their highest. Sometimes, she does the entire thing from scratch (as shown in the above project), and the client is actually building the clock workings after they get it back from her.